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For all your custom material designs, shapes and creations. 

What we do?

At Custom Waterjet Creations, Inc. we provide large scale custom cutting services of any materials and any custom shapes. We work with the customer to satisfy their needs no matter how large or detailed. Our services also include design, material guidance and transportation of finalized products per customer needs. Waterjet material cutting is vastly superior to any CNC, plasma or laser cutting machine, leaving no burnt or rough edges on your material. This also allows for a much greater variety of materials and sizes which can be cut.  


Contact us and see what we can do for you.

About us

Custom Waterjet Creations, Inc. is a highly advanced cutting service company located in Jacksonville, FL. Our services include each stage of product completion, from design to cutting, from consultation to transportation...

Latest News 

November 2015


Custom Waterjet Creations, Inc. is finally available to serve the North Florida market.



November 2015


We have acquired one of the best Waterjet machines in the business.

Next level precision cuts and designs.


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